Ultra Control™️

It's really annoying to play games like Fortnite and PUBG on your phone with your fingers, right? You can play these awesome games on-the-go while having a console-like experience with this game controller.

Ultra Control™️ will give you a huge advantage over the competition and higher your chance to win every battle.

  • Avoid bullets by tilting the head
  • Simultaneously move, turn, tilt the head, aim and shoot 
  • Ultimate control over your character  


Important note: avoid fakes and cheap imitation knockoffs of Ultra Control™️

  • Ergonomic design: a comfortable grip for long periods of gaming without any pain or discomfort in your hands.


Supported devices 

Ultra Control™️ is compatible with the majority of Android and ISO mobile phones, the maximum screen width(not the full size) of the device should be 3.4 inches

Note: iPhone XS Max Width is 3.05 inches (77.4 mm), which is compatible with Ultra Control™️ 


Supported Games

compatible with the majority of shooting games, such as PUBG, Fortnite, Rules of Survival, Knives Out, Survivor Royale, Critical Ops, etc.



Super easy installation 




  • Perfect for every gamer that wants to have an advantage over the competition 
  • For anyone who wants to have maximum control 
  • For new gamers that need a little advantage over expert gamers 
  • For anyone that feels like touch-screen is not good enough for gaming 


Press the "ADD TO CART" button and get ready to dominate mobile gaming 


Important Notes 

  1. Using this controller will not get you banned Becuase it's built with physical buttons, using Bluetooth controllers will get you banned.
  2. it can be used while having your phone case on (if the phone case is not too big)
  3.  Ultra Control™️ doesn't block any ports, you can charge your phone and listen while playing.
  4. The aim button and shoot button can be set as you like. Most gamers are used to aiming with the left trigger and shooting with the right trigger.



1. Enter the game main interface, and click the "setting" button;

2. Enter the "setting panel", choose "controller setting" and then click "custom panel"

3. Enlarge the "shooting" button size and move to the top left of the screen, move the "aim" key to the top right of the screen or adjust as you prefer

4. Install Ultra Control™️ to your device, adjust the conductive silicone head to the "shooting" and "aim" keys

5. Press the metal trigger to shoot

6. When the phone is heating, press the switch button on the back.

7. Use a USB cable to charge the controller, by connecting the controller with your phone 

Installing the triggers wrongly will make you press the Volume buttons which will mute your phone when you press the Trigger.




Package contains:

1X Ultra Control™️

1X User Manuall